3 students were on a Kansas City school bus when it rolled onto its side

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Three middle school students were on a bus when it overturned in a Kansas City, Missouri, neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.


KCTV5 reports the three Center Middle School students, as well as the bus monitor and driver, were able to get out using the emergency exit on the top of the bus. One of the students, who uses a wheelchair, was taken from the scene in a gurney.

A district spokesperson, however, said none of the children were seriously hurt and had all of them were picked up by their parents.

District officials told KCTV5 the driver did not think the road was as icy as it was and the bus rolled after its back tires had slid out.

The names of the driver, the bus monitor, and the students had not been released.

After the wreck, the district put all of its transportation services on hold and asked parents to come pick up their kids. Any student whose parents can't come get them will be taken home by district staff after the roads are clear.