25 lucky kids get free bikes, built by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A couple dozen kids received a very special award Thursday night from the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

Twenty five shiny new bikes.

Chains cleaned - tires aired - each waiting for a new owner.

But before riding away on new bikes kids fueled up with healthy snacks and warmed up with a few dance moves.

The night at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield campus isn't just about the giveaway - it's a celebration.

"It’s a blast working with these 14 people who worked all day to put these bikes together ... And then we get to see it all come together tonight," Sally Stevens, an employee at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, said.

The bike build caps off a year of leadership education for Blue Cross Blue Shield employees.

The kids had their own hands-on education, learning the importance of safety gear and wearing a helmet.

After songs and dancing - it was finally time to give out the new bikes.

But the gratitude wasn't lost in these kids - everybody knew who to thank.

"I’m glad to be here and to have a bike,” one boy said.

We asked who he’d like to thank, “Everybody in this building," he said.