2 of WIBW's own (and plenty of family) will have a film in Cannes next year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — A short film by a member of the WIBW family is heading to one of the most famous film festivals in the world. Not only that, a couple members of his family took home prizes for the film as well.

A scene from 'Course Correction' which will be shown at Cannes Film Festival next year.

"Course Correction" will be shown at the at the Cannes Film Festival in May of next year. It earned that slot after taking "Best in Show" in the Four Points Film Project.

Creative Services Director Dave Uhler served as the film's Executive Producer, but he'll be the first to tell you the project was a team effort - a team that included another person we get to pass in the hallway every day, the wordsmith and WIBW production assistant Shaun Collins.

Shaun grabbed the Best Writing prize.

"Winning “Best In Show” and having a film screened at Cannes is a dream come true, but the other awards; “Best Writing” going to Shaun Collins, “Best Directing” to Laurie Uhler, as well as half of our cast getting Acting awards… they are the icing on the cake, and really shows the team effort needed to pull off creating a short film in a single weekend," Uhler said.

And, yes, you'll notice a couple of extra Uhlers in that list of winners. As he mentioned, Dave's wife Laurie won Best Directing, while his son Gibson was honored as the Best Child Actor (we'll let you make your own joke about Gibson having to listen to what his mom says).

Their team, Berkeley Square, didn't stop there. Jo Lassley will hoist the Best Supporting Actress trophy. That was her husband, Daniel, who starred in the show as Mark Dunn.

Needless to say, everyone here is extremely proud of all of them.

'Nothing good can come of that'

The Four Point Film Project is a wild ride for filmmakers, who only have a weekend to finish their film - and they don't even know what kind of movie they're making until that Friday night.

The whole thing starts when each team draws from a hat. That'll tell them what kind of film they're making. Next, their given a character, a prop,and a line they must squeeze into their piece.

For 'Course Correction,' the genre they drew was a Time Travel or Romance movie. It had to feature a flight attendant, Mark or Marilyn Dunn, a crayon, and the line "Nothing good can come of that."

But, Dave points out their team doesn't take the easy way out and pick one or the other genre. No, they're going to get both of them in. So, 'Course Correction' ends up being a Romantic Time Travel movie.

From that, Dave, Shaun, and the whole Berkeley Square team concocted the story of a flight attendant who finds a lost boy and has no choice but to help him. That one bit of kindness ends up making a lifetime of difference.

Oh yeah, and they had to have it submitted by midnight the following Monday night.

The schedule is so tight, sometimes you have to improvise, like calling your sister and her husband and having them race all of the way from Newton just to make sure the scene is filled out - just ask Laurie's sister and brother-in-law, Rachel and Scott Jantzi, who you'll see walking through the background.

Watching 'Course Correction'

In addition to a screening in Cannes, their movie also secured a spot in next year's 'Filmapoolza,' a 48-hour festival in Paris in March.

But, you don't need to fly to France next Spring to watch 'Course Correction' - although we wouldn't blame you if you did. We have you covered. We've embedded their movie below. If you don't see the player, just click the link, sit back and enjoy.

Course Correction - Four Points Film Project - Berkeley Square from Berkeley Square on Vimeo.