2 more Topeka Zoo tiger cubs get names

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Two more of the Topeka Zoo's tiger cubs just got names!

On Monday, Zoo Director Brendan Wiley let everyone know what they'll be calling Jinnga's lone girl cub and one of her brothers. They are the second and third of the cubs to get names and "are doing great!"

“They are all actively growing and progressing just like we would hope,” Wiley said.

The cubs were born just over three weeks ago. Since then they've been bonding with their mommy.

Blind Tiger's King of Kansas

A lion may be the king of beasts, but from now on, a tiger is the King of Kansas. A Blind Tiger customer came up with the name Kansa Raja, a combination of Raja, which means king and Buhari, and Kansa, an indigenous people of Kansas. Wiley says they'll probably just call him Raja, since they already have a Konza.

"But wherever life takes him, his formal name will always connect him to Kansas,” Wiley said.

Zoo officials said early on that the local brewery would get to name one, calling them a long-time tiger conservation partner for the zoo.

Zoo staff and volunteers name the girl cub

As far as Jinnga's baby girl, the zoo staff and volunteers claimed the right to pick her name: Zayana, which means 'one who beautifies life,' in Malay.

“While she was the last born and born a little smaller than her three brothers, she has charted appropriate weight gain and is doing really well,” Wiley said.

Don't forget about Badar!

Last week, zoo officials announced the public's choice for one of the cubs. Given a choice of three names, they settled on Badar. The tiny tiger's name pays tribute to the ranger who defends Sumatran tigers in the wild and protects their natural environment.

More than 2,000 votes were cast in the contest to name him.

And, then there was one...

The last of the tigers cubs is still waiting to hear what he'll be called. And, he's going to have to wait another week to ten days. An unnamed family who, Wiley says, has been “extremely generous” to the community and zoo gets to name him.

So, while the rest of the tigers are off playing Red Rover, he's going to have to sit out just a little bit longer.