135 animals pulled from Bel Aire home in hoarding situation

Rachel Skytta (KWCH)
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BEL AIRE, Kan. (KWCH) -- The Bel Aire Police Department gives a final count on the number and types of animals pulled from a hoarding situation in the community Monday.

Police say there were 135 animals pulled from the home including 81 cats, 11 dogs, two chickens, two guinea pigs, seven gerbils, one turtle dove, 14 Norwegian rats, one red-eared slider, 15 ornate box turtles and one flag crown tail beta fish.

Tuesday, Eyewitness News learned more about what kind of conditions these animals are in and how they're being rehabilitated.

Among those helping, local rescue group Beauties and Beasts took in 10 dogs and one kitten from the home. Randi Carter, with Beauties and Beasts, said the county called the group Monday afternoon to help with the animal-hoarding situation.

She says most of the animals now in her rescue's care are in overall good health with no fleas or parasites. Carter says most of the animals are also spayed or neutered.

Some of the older dogs need medical attention, with one dog being paralyzed. Carter says she believes the woman who lived in the home with the 100-plus animals meant well, but was in over her head and should have stopped taking in animals long ago.

"We've got a lot of work ahead of us to get vet care, wheelchairs, make sure everybody has a good quality of life," Carter says. "We've got thousands of dollars in vet bills coming up, so we've got to handle that."

It's likely a similar situation for the dozens of other surviving animals pulled from the home.

More than 40 of the 135 animals pulled from the Bel Aire home like guinea pigs and turtles went to an exotic pet store in Bel Aire. The store's manager says they will be quarantined for two weeks and their health will be evaluated. After that, they'll work on getting the animals new homes.