13 AT 65: Royals Steve Physioc learned the play-by-play ropes at 13 Sports

Published: Nov. 5, 2018 at 10:57 PM CST
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In his early days, Steve Physioc would hold the camera close to his shoulder and hold the microphone close to the coach's mouth to get the good soundbites. Then he would get that ready for his sportscast on WIBW-TV before calling the game that night on 580 Radio.

After the game, back to the TV side to show the highlights he shot on video to air on the late sportscast.

Such was the sportscasting life in the opening act of Steve Physioc's outstanding sportscasting career.

With the Royals Fred White as his mentor, hear Steve share the story of how WIBW-TV shaped his play-by-play career after he started out in White's original stomping grounds of Hastings, Nebraska. Steve's reminiscences of working at 13 Sports will be a guide to all future sportscasters he hopes to help along the way, as Fred White did for him.