Eric Ives

Topeka, Kan.
Eric Ives

I was a fresh young man out of high school when I first got my job for WIBW. Oh wait, maybe it was just out of college. I take that back, it was several years out of college when I started.

Any way, in January of 1989 I walked up the steps into the WIBW building and into a career I love! I knew I wanted to work in the newsroom as a photographer but the only position at the time was a camera operator in the studio. It would be 4 years before News Director Mary Loftus took me from the studio to gathering news on video. Yes! I was finally a photojournalist!!!

This is the job I knew I wanted since I was in 8th grade while doing "Career Day" at WIBW with Ed Rutherford.

"Never the same" each day certainly holds true with my job. Whether it is county commission, sporting events, or breaking news- every day is different. Did I say yet that I love my job?

Oh, yeah. There is one other event I enjoy covering- TORNADOES!

I have been hunting down the elusive twisters for 15 years. I'm asked many many times if I am ever scared. The answer is no and the reason for that is because of the person sitting in the passenger seat- Rob Peppers! He is the 'King of Chase' and Rob puts us in an area of the storm that is out of harms way.

We are there to report to WIBW viewers the exact locations of storms and what we are seeing to help in the 13 Weather Team keep you 'safe and informed.'

Technology has changed a lot in my 15 years of chasing. Mobile technology allows us to show LIVE video of storms to our viewers while we're on the chase.

When I think about changing technology I always ask myself, "What's next?" Stay tuned!