Save on energy this upcoming holiday season

Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 6:19 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Thousands of electrical fires happen every year during the holiday season.

“With the holidays coming up we’re thinking about family, were thinking about getting together but were also thinking about using extra energy and how do we save some of that,” said Evergy Director of Cooperate Communications Gina Penzig.

Evergy says it’s important to be safe with the holidays approaching.

“Folks will start putting up those holiday lights in the next week or two and LED lights are much more efficient. So we would suggest getting LED lights and making sure you get them from a reputable source so making sure that the UL certification is on there is important from a safety perspective. Also, make sure that your lights are rated for what you using them for, are they indoor or outdoor lights?” said Penzig.

With colder weather and increased space heater usage, Penzig says it’s really important people use them properly.

“A space heater should always be attended and it’s really meant to warm up a small space,” said Penzig. “If you start heating large areas with a space heater, that will make your bill higher.”

While cooking for Thanksgiving, make sure to never leave the food you preparing unattended.

When preparing dishes in the air fryer or microwave, use the right size for whatever heat element is in use.

“With thanksgiving, largely were thinking about cooking and company,” said Penzig. “So make sure that you are turning your thermostat down a few degrees before company comes because your house is naturally going to get warmer, both with more people in it and with cooking. Some of those cooking energy efficiency tips absolutely come together with Thanksgiving.”