Fork in the Road: Long-standing Seneca favorite restaurant serves up pizza and more

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 6:39 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Freddy’s Pizza Palace offers a variety of delicious foods but you’ve probably already guessed what it’s most well-known for.

Since 1969 this Seneca restaurant has been a favorite spot to hang out, catch up, and of course, grab a hot, fresh pizza.

Betty Peterson was a long-time employee before taking over as the owner.

“I had worked here ever since high school, probably my sophomore year,” she says. “And then you know, I took a little break when I had children and then I was working here when the owner decided to sell it.”

Peterson saw more than just the opportunity to run her town’s favorite pizza joint.

“We have a daughter that has Down Syndrome and so that was another reason we decided to purchase it,” she says. “Was to get her some communication skills, get her out in the community and she just loves being around people and so we thought it would be kind of a good thing for her.”

Since taking over, a few new things have been added to this old pizzeria.

“When we took this over, my son started like a pizza of the month,” says Peterson. “And so the chicken bacon ranch is a popular selection, the fruit pizzas, bacon cheeseburger, taco pizza.”

Aside from pizza, Freddy’s also serves burgers, salads, sandwiches, and drinks to wash it all down.

Peterson says one of the best parts of owning Freddy’s is the relationships she forms with customers.

“There’s the regulars that come in and we enjoy visiting with them and getting to know them,” she says. “It is just so cool to see and people coming in that maybe they were out of town for a while and they come back just to get Freddy’s and, you know, that’s their ultimate stop.”

Moreover, she relishes in the opportunity to actively support her community. She says people know they can count of Freddy’s for fundraisers, donations, and more.

“Hey, we’re doing this would you be willing to help out? Would you be willing to donate? We really support the schools,” says Peterson. “And we provide like personal mini pizzas for reading goals and other things along the way. So I would just say you know, the whole community is a great atmosphere.”

So the next time you you’re traveling the old Pony Express highway, consider taking a turn down 5th street in Seneca for a meal that won’t disappoint.