Organization steps up to help with high electric bills caused from heat wave

The heat wave felt across the nation is sending our electric bills sky-high and one local organization is trying to keep up.
Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 10:28 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The heat wave felt across the nation is sending our electric bills sky-high and one local organization is trying to keep up.

“With the heat that we’ve been dealing with this is kinda unprecedented almost and so it’s kinda a mash-up of all the worst-case scenarios coming together,” says Assistant Director at Doorstep, Jason Parker.

People are struggling just to pay the basics in today’s economy and that’s before utility bills skyrocket during this summer’s heat wave.

“Electric is probably the biggest one I’ve been doing at this point mainly because it’s a hot time for electric,” says Parker.

Doorstep provides utility assistance once per every 12-month period.

But officials say they have had to spend above their normal cap to actually be able to help people in some instances. One recent case requiring thousands of dollars for utilities alone.

“The biggest one that we do, the one that we’re really kinda known for is just the electric assistance itself so helping them pay that bill, whether that be paid in full or paid in a partial amount or helping them pay that bill, helping them kinda play around with other payments they may have. We can help with different things kinda looking at their expenditure and say hey we’ll help you pay this bill if you put that on utilities or kinda rearrange the budget for a month to get this brought down a little bit as much as we’re able to,” says Parker.

In other cases, they have provided utility and rent assistance with the caveat that people put their rent funds toward their utility bill to keep their services on, or have them restored.

“Just the pure relief the weight that’s lifted off of their shoulders like that’s 100% what it is for me. I love helping people and knowing that I can make an impact in their lives, that’s really what I’m here for,” says Parker.

The organization says they don’t impose income guidelines for their emergency services.

“When you walk in here no one here is going to judge you because everyone has got their own story and everyone has had their own struggles so whatever it may be that’s stopping you, if you’re really down to your last penny, we have the resources we have the ability all we need is you just to be able to come in,” says Parker.

To get assistance call (785) 357-5341or click here.