Schools are making accommodations to keep kids out of the heat

Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 6:14 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - As the beginning of the school year kicks off, staff and students are not only concerned about getting good grades, but also the heat.

Director of Special Services at Silver Lake, Greg Harmon, said their schools are doing everything they can to ensure the students safety.

“We are still going outside for recess, but for shorter amounts of time,” said Harmon. “Maybe more often, but for shorter amounts of time. We’re providing cold water on the busses so that when they get on the bus they are handed that cold water as well just to give them the opportunity to stay as cool as they can,”

Athletes, especially, must careful running around outside and being sure to listen and take care of their bodies.

It is just as important that coaches and trainers know their athletes and all of their medical needs.

Assistant Executive Director of Kansas State High School Activities Association, Jeremy Holaday, said that practice times have been altered to keep the kids out of the heat.

“Preparing for the heat is something that we don’t take lightly and we do it well in advance,” said Holaday. “So, when this week hit, our schools were well prepared.”

Schools are trying to keep kids off of the hot busses, since many of them do not have air conditioning.

Harmon said that the parents are teaming up to carpool and get as many kids off the busses as they can.

“The longer you’re in the heat, with these kind of temperatures it really does wear you down,” said Harmon. “You run the risk of heat stroke, things like that so we really want to keep our eye on them. As a school we’re trying everything we can to do just that - keep them safe.”

Topeka Public Schools released a letter detailing their efforts to keep kids out of the heat. Those include adjusting recess, PE classes, and athletics practices to either be earlier in the day or kept inside, distributing water, and starting their air conditioning units earlier to ensure buildings are cool when students and staff arrive. They also provided a link to resources for families and cooling center locations for those in need after school hours