America’s Best Restaurants recognizes Lake Perry’s High Tide 21

a local restaurant is getting some national recognition among food lovers...
Published: Aug. 4, 2023 at 10:28 PM CDT
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PERRY, Kan. (WIBW) - America’s Best Restaurants is giving High Tide 21 a place on their list.

The Kentucky-based company focuses on bringing attention to local, independently-owned restaurants that stand out in their communities.

“America Best Restaurants is a show where we go around all across the country and we try the best foods that America has to offer. What we do is we take a look at the little guy, the small restaurants you know, those places that everybody that’s in that neighborhood knows is delicious. Those hidden gems but now we’re taking those hidden gems and exposing them to all of America,” says America Best Restaurants, Show Host, Theo Williams.

High Tide’s popular dishes, scenery and the restaurant’s backstory will be highlighted on the show.

Their queso french fries that had bacon and the queso cheese on it and let me tell you it was fire. It was fire ya’ll. I’m telling you and then on top of that it came with the queso burger that had the crumbled-up bacon and here’s the thing that made it so delicious because the burger was fresh. When you’re talking about America’s best restaurants we’re not just talking about the food, it’s also the ambiance, it’s also the service and the staff and the people,” says Williams.

High Tide 21 opened the summer of 2021, two years after the original restaurant at Lake Perry Yacht & Marina flooded. New owner, Larry Mosher says he’s just happy to contribute to the community.

“Everyone on my staff has a story you know I have single moms. I have people working to replace cars, I have expecting parents, I have three people on my team that are getting married this fall so everything we do here is to ensure that they have an opportunity to keep working. We will stay open year-round and I want them to keep working and earning so that they can take care of their families. So that’s where my big focus is. We have a lot of locals working here and I want them to be able to support their families,” says High Tide 21, Owner, Larry Mosher.

The restaurant has a large outdoor patio, a 21-and-up large pool overlooking the lake, and a splash pad that customers say they can’t get enough of.

“Now you don’t have to be in Kansas to know about us but somebody is going to see this and go hey let’s come from Texas. you can rent boats you can rent jet skis right away. You can spend a day here at the restaurant, a day by the pool and it’s just fun for everybody and I’ll tell you. If you get a chance to get here late at night some of the sunsets are just absolutely breathtaking,” High Tide 21 customer, Tony Zafran says.