KU holds its 2023 NFL Pro Day

Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 10:59 PM CDT
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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - Kansas football held its 2023 Pro Day on Friday afternoon, giving eight Jayhawks the chance to show off their skills one last time before the NFL Draft.

31 team scouts were in attendance, and head coach Lance Leipold says they’ve been in talks with the one team that did not make it in person.

Coach Leipold says the amount of scouts in attendance last year was in the low 20′s, showing the huge shift in the program.

”Being here since the 2017 season, seeing how it was not much, like a JuCo and stuff like that. And now it’s turned around to everybody coming, watching,” said Earl Bostick Jr.

“It’s gonna be pros in the making next year too also. There’s gonna be kids coming in, people already see the progress and the brick that I laid. Just hoping my guys keep capitalizing off of it,” said Lonnie Phelps Jr.

It was an especially exciting day for the guys who have been with the program for years.

“You look at Sam, and Earl and Caleb, and you look at all the things they went through in their time here,” said Coach Leipold.

It’s the second official look Lonnie Phelps Jr. and Earl Bostick Jr. have gotten in the last month, the first being the NFL Combine.

“I just wanted to show my speed, show my agility, and show them I can do the rest of the drills I couldn’t do at the combine,” Phelps said.

Coach Leipold looked back at Phelps’ decision to play in the Liberty Bowl, something he didn’t have to do.

“When it gets to the Bowl game some don’t even play. Or some get to a certain point and they say I’m good. And he wanted to play and do everything he could to help this football program,” said Coach Leipold.

Phelps and Bostick voiced what they hope to get out of playing at the next level.

“An organization that’s gonna set me up for who I am. Having aggression off the edge, also dropping and catching passes, and go drop into coverage and just perfecting my skills. And being able to be an outside linebacker or defensive end, wherever the guys want me,” Phelps said.

“Working back to how I was my freshman year, proving myself each and every day,” said Bostick. “Learning from the people that have been there in the league for many many years. Taking advice from them, understanding my way around the NFL.”