Markquis Nowell declared “King of New York” after record-breaking game

Markquis Nowell declared “King of New York” after record-breaking game
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 11:30 PM CDT
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NEW YORK, NY. (WIBW) - Markquis Nowell made history in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday night, breaking the NCAA Tournament single-game assist record, dishing out 19 against Michigan State.

To make it even better, he did it in his home city of New York, on the court at Madison Square Garden, a place he’d always dream of playing in.

Nowell was so good on Thursday, notching 20 points as well, that he’s been declared the King of New York. He woke up to his photo on the cover of newspapers in the city.

“It was amazing, I mean it feels surreal just being from New York and seeing that, seeing your family and your friends buy it and send it to you,” said Nowell. “I mean it’s just nothing but amazing. And I’ve just been appreciating it and enjoying every moment of it.”

Nowell’s teammates couldn’t stress enough how much they’ve loved seeing their point guard get the recognition he deserves.

“I mean, he’s Mr. New York City for a reason, you know what I mean? He’s gonna keep on going, he’s gonna keep on being Markquis Nowell,” said Desi Sills. “We need him to keep going, keep contributing to the team, because we need him on the floor. He is our point guard, he is our floor general.”

“That was fire, I ain’t gonna lie. Just knowing that he’s from New York, and he’s Mr. New York, so you know it’s stamped now,” Cam Carter said. “I’m pretty sure the whole New York saw that game, and seen him. It’s his city, for real.”

With the way Nowell lit up the floor against Michigan State after suffering an ankle injury in the second half, you’d never know he’s playing in his first NCAA Tournament.

“It’s his city. He’s Mr. New York City for a reason, and I wouldn’t expect anything less,” said fellow NY native Ismael Massoud. “He’s well deserving of all that praise. He’s worked hard for it, and no one deserves it more than him.”

The ‘Cats have always known Nowell’s been that dude. Coach Tang knew before he even took the job in Manhattan that for this 5′8″ guard, it’s about heart, not height.

“When I was interviewing for the job, he was one of the people that I was like ‘Man I gotta make sure I keep him’,” said Coach Tang.

Nowell and the Wildcats will take on FAU in the Elite Eight at Madison Square Garden on Saturday at 5:09 CT.