Develop game plan to keep from fumbling diet during big game

Your Big Game spread doesn’t have to make you fumble your diet, despite the many offenders that could give it a hit.
Updated: Feb. 9, 2023 at 10:01 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Your Big Game spread doesn’t have to make you fumble your diet, despite the many offenders that could give it a hit.

“(You have) your wings, and your pizza, and then just multiple different cheesy dips that add significant calories,” points out Amber Groeling, a registered dietician and director of the Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Program.

Groeling said a few tricks to keep you ahead of the game. For example, she made over a veggie dip using Greek yogurt.

“It does have a little bit of mayonnaise but not as much, and then I’m using the olive oil-based mayonnaise or avocado-based mayonnaise, and that just helps it be more of a healthy fat that we’re mixing into it,” she said. “Then instead of using a ranch packet, I’m making it homemade because then we can control the sodium level.”

Groeling said many snack food and appetizer staples are loaded with sodium. She recommends people read labels for the ‘percent daily value.’ Items with five percent or less are considered lower-sodium, while those at 20 percent or more are high sodium.

Serving your dip with red and yellow peppers instead of crackers or bread shows off your Chiefs spirit, while also helping to fill you up without a lot of extra calories.

When it comes to sweets, think small.

“It’s all about portion control,” Groeling said.

She said one idea for dessert uses pre-made mini tart shells.

“I’m filling them with a mixture of Greek yogurt, which is really high in protein but has a nice, creamy flavor, and then a little bit of cream cheese and lemon. Then you can top it with fun Chiefs-colored fruit, so I used mango and raspberries,” she said. “A little bite-sized dessert like this is only 50 calories per bite, whereas a brownie bite can be 150 calories per bite.”

Also keep in mind liquid calories. She said you can mix wine with seltzer or flavored water, and stick to light beers. Another good idea is to alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water. She says that keeps you hydrated while also helping you feel fuller.

Groeling says if you do over-indulge, remember the Super Bowl comes once a year. Just remember to get back on track Monday.

“A slip doesn’t have to lead to a slide,” she said.

Make Amber’s healthier snacks

Kansas City Chiefs Fruit Tarts

Makes: 15 tarts


1 pkg. Athens mini tart shells, defrosted

1 5.3 oz container vanilla Greek yogurt, I like Okios Pro

2 oz. light cream cheese, softened

2 tsp lemon zest + 1 Tbsp. juice

¼ cup raspberries

¼ cup mango pieces


1. Whisk or beat the yogurt, cream cheese, zest and juice. Sweeten with stevia or honey if sweeter taste desired. Spoon the filling into the tarts.

2. Top half of the tarts with raspberries, and the other half with mango pieces.

Nutrition Facts per tart: 30 calories, 1 g fat, 3 g carb, 2 g protein

Vegetable Dip with Red and Yellow Vegetables

Makes: 12 servings, 2 Tbsp. each


1 cup plain Greek yogurt, I recommend Fage

1/3 cup Avocado Mayonnaise

1 tsp seasoning salt

2 tsp dill

3 Tbsp onion flakes

2 tsp garlic powder

Dash pepper


1. In a medium bowl combine all of the ingredients. Serve with assorted vegetables.

Nutrition facts per serving: 35 calories, 2.5 g fat, o grams saturated, 1 g carb, 2 g protein