Super Bowl I broadcaster reflects on Chiefs current success

Tom Hedrick is the only living commentator from Super Bowl I.
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 10:30 PM CST
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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - Former Kansas City Chiefs play-by-play commentator looks back at his play-calling on the biggest stage in football.

Tom Hedrick received the call of a lifetime back in 1967. Hedrick said he remembers that call as if it had happened yesterday.

“Hank Stram,” said Hedrick. “Chiefs coach picked up the phone on a Monday and talked to Bill MacPhail of CBS and said, “Look, my team is coming; I’m coming; I want a young announcer named Tommy Hedrick.” “He’s really good; he’s never been heard before, so I want you to put some place on the broadcast.”

After that life-changing phone call, Hedrick was well on his way to Super Bowl I, where the Kansas City Chiefs went against the Green Bay Packers.

“Then it wasn’t the Super Bowl,” said Hedrick. “It was the AFL National Football League Championship Game.”

Among the other broadcasters at the big game, Hedrick said he couldn’t process how his hard work had landed him at the biggest game in football.

“I went out there; it was about an hour before the game, and I almost choked.”

That feeling soon dissipated when he received these words from his broadcast partner. “Listen, if you weren’t good, you wouldn’t be here, so you’re qualified.”

After years of being the voice for the Kansas City Chiefs and the KU men’s basketball and football teams, Hedrick earned a lot of professional accolades.

“Where I finally won the top sportscaster of Kansas,” said Hedrick. “That validated me as a sportscaster.”

Days before the big game, the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Philadelphia Eagles, Hedrick said he’ll be cheering on the Chiefs as if it were 1967.

“I think it’s almost even,” said Hedrick. “They’re saying the Eagles by two. I wouldn’t bet against the Chiefs.”

At age 87, Hedrick is the only broadcaster from Super Bowl I still living.