City, County leaders agree to continue funding ‘Choose Topeka’ relocation program

The City will offer $365,000 in funding for the next round of the 'Choose Topeka' project that originally began back in 2020.
Updated: Feb. 8, 2023 at 6:15 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - On Wednesday night, JEDO voted to continue to fund the GO Topeka relocation incentive program.

The approval means the City will offer $365,000 in funding for the next round of the project that originally began in 2020.

“It’s really been a great program to attract workforce to Topeka and it’s specifically for the positions that might be hard to fill, that maybe employers have to look outside of our community to fill certain positions,” said Trina Goss, Director of business and talent initiatives for GO Topeka.

Go Topeka said they hope to tweak some of the eligibility requirements to allow more people to participate in the program, such as graduating Washburn University students, exiting military options, and also bringing back those who once lived in Topeka.

“We have enhanced the program to include immersion services and to attract Topekans back to Topeka. And also to attract exiting military. We also added an incentive for Washburn graduates, recent Washburn graduates as part of our Employer Match program,” said Goss.

Over the last three years, there have been 99 people who have participated in the program, and the City has paid out roughly $600,000 so far.

“There is a huge workforce need in our community and we do want to attract more people to work here,” Goss said.