Aggieville employees start a petition with construction and charges due to parking

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 8:06 PM CST
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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Employees in Aggieville started a petition, taking a stand against new parking ordinances. Changes to Aggieville’s parking have many employees calling for a return to normal.

With the recent construction to the back parking lot and charges to the garage, a petition to bring back free parking is making waves.

“You know I heard this from multiple businesses, multiple people that I knew so I thought that making this petition would kind of get like more publicity kind of get everybody talking about this because I thought it was an important issue to address,” said Caroline Diederich, an employee at Bluestem Bistro.

Employees working in Aggieville can obtain discounted permits for the garage, $25 for part-time or $40 for full-time.

“Trying to be between a dollar and two dollars a day for that employee, overall intent and it is to attempt to gather enough revenue to help offset the operating cost of the garage were paying for the construction of the garage through the taxing commercial finance district and potentially some sales tax we got to see how the tip performs.” said deputy manager, Jason Hilgers.

The affected workers, many of whom are students, think the discount isn’t enough. They say the costs add up quickly when they’re not making much in the first place.

“Obviously college is so expensive and there’s the cost of living and were young and we’re working these jobs obviously because we care about them, and we care about our community and you know it’s not like we get paid super well as it is we’re working with small businesses,” said Diederich.

City officials say they understand the concern but insist the charges are needed to support Aggieville moving forward.

“Businesses are going to be hurting, construction is going to do that its done it throughout our community for years and decades and in order to get that water line, in order to get that sewer and storm and new street and sidewalks and streetscapes and set the district up for the next two, three, four decades we have to do those things right now,” said Hilgers.

Hilgers said they will hold a meeting in a few weeks and all are welcome with their concerns.