TikTok users react to app bans

Governor Kelly signs bill banning app on Executive branch devices
Published: Dec. 28, 2022 at 4:52 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Congress recently passed a law banning TikTok from all federal devices over potential security concerns. Laura Kelly made Kansas the 15th state to ban TikTok in some capacity due to security concerns. 13 News spoke to customers at Circle Coffee in Topeka to see what TikTok users think about the app.

“I like TikTok as an app because I’ve seen specific accounts that wouldn’t do well on other platforms,” said Zach Purcell, a TikTok user.

Alexandra Martinez says she doe snot have the app. “I don’t because I’m not like super interested in the app,” said Martinez, “but my husband is, he’s not a huge fan of it because of like, any information that might be shared or whatever.”

“Tracking on any device, but this happens across, you know, Facebook and Instagram, all those different social media devices and apps. I think you need to be careful with anything,” said Frances Befort who recently deleted the app because it was consuming too much of her time.

The increased concern towards TikTok opposed to other social media outlets is that it is owned by Chinese based company ByteDance. The concern being that ByteDance may be asked to share their collected data with the Chinese Government. Zach Purcell says that’s the risk you run with any other social media app.

“I feel people are more scarred of it because it originated from China opposed to America with all the other social medias. But, either way, if you’re using social media, somebodies getting that same information,” said Purcell.

For now, Kelly’s executive order bans the app on government owned and operated devices inside the executive branch, including any devices held by employees owned by the state. There are about 18,000 employees in the executive branch.

13 News spoke to First Amendment attorney Max Kautsch and he says under the Supreme Court ruling Garcetti vs. Ceballos her executive order should be within the constitution.