City of Topeka dealing with 25 water-main breaks as of Tuesday morning

The city of Topeka was dealing with 25 water main breaks Tuesday morning.
Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 9:58 AM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Cold weather brings lots of challenges for Topeka-area residents, not the least of which are water-main breaks that disrupt traffic.

As of Tuesday morning, the city of Topeka was dealing with 25 water-main breaks. Many of them were in the city’s southwest and west sides, including one at S.W. 19th and McAlister that flooded the intersection.

Cars and trucks were able to drive through the intersection, though water sprayed from beneath and from the sides of their vehicles.

Water was streaming over a curb along the northwest corner of the intersection and could be seen flowing north and south in the 1800 and 1900 blocks of S.W. McAlister as well as east on S.W. 19th from McAlister.

City officials say crews are working as quickly as possible to repair the breaks. After the repairs are made, surface restoration will take place.

City officials say several factors are involved in reopening the streets after repairs are made, including the type of repair that’s needed as well as the schedules of independent contractors who are working to fix the breaks.

The city of Topeka isn’t alone when it comes to water-main breaks this time of year. Similar breaks have been reported at other locations across the country during the recent cold snap.

The good news is that high temperatures are expected to be in the 50-degree range for much of the next week in the Topeka area.

Meanwhile, low temperatures aren’t expected to drop below 30 degrees.

Here is a listing of water-main breaks in Topeka as of Tuesday, according to city officials:

• 2015 S.W. McAlister Ave.

• S.W. 19th and. McAlister Ave.

• S.W. 27th and Topeka Boulevard

• 213 S.E. Arter Ave.

• 2920 S.W. 18th

• 325 S.W. Frazier Ave.

• 5225 S.W. 20th Terrace

• 3940 S,W. Chelmsford

• 204 S.E. 37th

• 1551 S.W. Lakeside

• 1229 S.W. Jewell

• 2400 S.W. Crest Drive

• 4804 S.W. 19th

• 3117 S.W. Meadow Lane

• 1935 S.W. Wayne

• 4721 S.E. Adams

• S.E. 4th and High

• 5530 S.W. 15th Terr.

• 3104 S.W. Dorr

• 2415 S.W. Duane

• 327 S.W. Franklin

• 2855 S.W. Wanamaker

• 300 S.W. Fillmore

• 1824 S.W. 26th

• 1042 S.W. Boswell