Kansas officials say COVID isn’t the only virus to keep on the radar

Flu cases in Kansas are on the rise
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 4:07 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s latest update puts much of the state back at the ‘High’ level for new Covid cases.

Also, the CDC currently shows Kansas is marked high for Influenza activity as well.

Topeka ER and Hospital say they’re seeing a rise in cases.

“We’re starting to see an uptick especially in Flu, thankfully our Covid patients have been less symptomatic than prior waves of Covid. But, we are certainly seeing an uptick as of the last few weeks,” said Jared Schreiner, MD.

KDHE reports Kansas has had 8 deaths related to the flu already this season. Schreiner says it’s important to take the flu seriously.

“Fever control is very important, using Tylenol as directed to make sure your fever stays controlled, hydration, rest and avoiding other people because you may be at risk for serious infection,” he said.

He says the flu peaks when the weather starts to get colder, and people gather indoors more -- it is a respiratory disease, and it travels in the air. If you plan on seeing family for the holidays, make sure it’s in a safe manner.

“Cover your cough, wash your hands often and make sure to avoid contact with people who are symptomatic or if you have symptoms make sure who you are in contact with. Wear a mask if you are at high risk or immunocompromised or at risk for an infection is another way to protect yourself from illness,” he said.