Cari Allen’s college roommate speaks out about disappearance

Dacee McLaren recently reconnected with Cari Allen, they were roommates
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 10:14 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Dacee McLaren recently reconnected with Cari Allen, she even spoke with her the Saturday she was last seen.

McLaren and Allen were college roommates at Iowa Western back in 1997.

She describes Allen as a sweet and loving person.

“She really devoted her life to helping adults with mental disabilities, we both went to Iowa Western for human services degrees, she just loves people and she hated when people were being judged for something they couldn’t control,” said McLaren.

She says Allen not contacting her friends and family is very out of character.

“she wasn’t like a party girl who was always out. We were just messaging that day and we were messaging about clearing out closets and goofy things you do when you’re 40 that make you happy. This is completely out of character for her and she would never do something like this on her own.”

“At first when I saw that post, my heart froze and I was like “Wait I know that face, it can’t be real,” she said.

Last week, authorities issued a warrant for Aldrick Scott of Topeka for kidnapping. McLaren says she met Scott at a benefit back in August, when Allen brought him as her guest.

“He seemed like he was happy to be there, they seemed like they were getting along fine then, but that was back in August.”

Authorities searched several areas in connection with this case - including Scott’s Topeka home and places around Omaha, including the Pheasant Point Landfill.

McLaren says she remains hopeful Allen will return home.

“I’m going to continue to pray every single night that she is fine and they will find her safe and she will be okay. It’s just scary now because we are on day 8 or 9.″