This Black Friday will see more in-store shopping

Survey finds over 80% of consumers will shop in-store
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:44 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Black Friday is approaching and surveys suggest in-store shopping may have you fighting the crowds.

“According to our survey, about 80% of shoppers say they are going to do some form on in-store shopping for black Friday,” said Kristin McGrath with RetailMeNot. “Now that doesn’t mean they’re going to do all their shopping in-store but this does show that people are eager to return to that traditional in-store experience after 2 unprecedented years in the retail industry.”

Consumers this year are also more likely to limit their spending and stick to their budget.

“We asked people how they are dealing with inflation which has been looming over their budgets the entire year,” said McGrath. “Consumers are strapped! So while more consumers are heading into stores and people are still shopping on black Friday, we found that they’re being a bit more discerning. We did a survey and found that more than half of shoppers say that they plan to buy fewer things this year.”

So how are things going in Topeka? Kelly Schuster is the owner of linen tree and says so far early turnout has been promising.

“So far our shopping season has been a great hit,” said Schuster. “We’ve been super busy even though we’re hearing on the news about a recession that seems to have had no impact whatsoever for us here at the linen tree. Shoppers are out and they are ready to get going in the season.”

Although 50% of consumers are expected to shop online this coming cyber week, people are looking forward to the holiday rush.

“You get to come in and see things, you get the true colors of things, you get the smells, the feels, it’s just a lot better I feel like,” said Schuster. “Shopping online is just kind of a shot in the dark on what you’re going to receive verses what you think it might be.”

The supply chain also brought disappointment to consumers last year and this year, large retailers have done what they can to plan ahead. Greg Simms is the Operations Manager for the Topeka Academy Sports.

“We are anticipating big crowds,” said Simms. “The company has worked very hard to to get us well positioned as far as inventory. Of course we anticipate online shopping will be big again as it always has been at least the last several years but we are anticipating a shift back to more people in-store.”

And if you do plan on shopping in person this Friday don’t forget to start early.

“The reality is that the early bird gets the worm though too probably so if you can get in in person that’s just going to improve your chances that much more at being able to get some of the hotter items,” said Simms.

The lineup for this weekend is Black Friday on November 25, Small Business Saturday on November 26 and Cyber Week beginning Monday, November 28. Many shops are already offering deals on more popular items.