Missouri recreational marijuana passes 53% to 47%

Recreational marijuana is coming to Missouri. Today, KCTV5's Nathan Vickers explains the...
Recreational marijuana is coming to Missouri. Today, KCTV5's Nathan Vickers explains the timeline for its rollout.
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 6:26 AM CST
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MISSOURI (KCTV) - Missouri voters passed a state amendment allowing recreational marijuana on Election Night, 53% to 47%.

Over two million state residents voted on the measure, with 1,089,938 people voting in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana and 961,909 voting against.

The new amendment allows people to carry up to 3 ounces of marijuana on them. It also allows people with marijuana-related nonviolent offenses to get those dropped. They can petition for release from prison, parole, or probation and have their records expunged.

Marijuana facilities cannot sell cannabis-infused products shaped or packaged as candy to entice children to buy them. You also can’t operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana or any task that constitutes negligence or malpractice.

Here’s the money part: It imposes a 6% tax on the retail price, with local municipalities given the ability to tax an additional 3%. The state anticipates more than $40 million in revenue with those taxes every year.

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Though the law will change on Dec. 8, dispensaries will likely not be ready to legally sell recreational cannabis until at least February.

Rob Sullivan, an attorney and the owner of Fresh Green LLC, said it would likely take a few weeks to clear the state’s licensing process, which the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will oversee.

The agency will likely release a draft of the regulations, soon. The state is currently collecting suggestions on the DHSS website.

“By February, we should be able to sell,” Sullivan said. “I think people are seeing that it has medicinal benefits and everyone should be able to benefit if they want to.”

Joey Pintozzi, the general manager of BesaMe Wellness in North Kansas City, said his dispensary is also hoping to clear the state’s regulatory process by February.

“It’s progress,” Pintozzi said. “We’re stepping forward. People are getting access and we’re going to give them everything they need.”

On Wednesday night, KCTV5 received word that Besa Hospitality Group is planning to build a 420-friendly entertainment district along the Missouri Riverfront. Besa Hospitality Group is affiliated with BesaMe Wellness.

The entertainment district would appropriately be named the Stoney Creek Entertainment District. It would include an amphitheater and many other spaces.