Kris Kobach claims victory in tight race for Attorney General

Kobach one of several Republicans to win their elections
Kris Kobach on stage after winning Kansas Attorney General race.
Kris Kobach on stage after winning Kansas Attorney General race.(WIBW)
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 2:52 AM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - There was a lot of talk leading up to the midterm elections about a “red wave” sweeping across the nation. But did that wave hit here in Kansas?

“So we’ve had several Republican victories tonight,” said Mike Kuckelman, Chairman for the Kansas GOP, “we were happy with many of our races.”

Steven Johnson, Vicki Schmidt, Tracey Mann and Scott Schwab all won each of their elections. The Attorney General’s race, however, was tight down to the final moments.

After leading the race by 13,000 votes late Tuesday night, Kris Kobach was decided as the next Attorney General for Kansas beating Democrat rival Chris Mann. Once in office, Kobach says he will defend the current Kansas statutes and crack down on fentanyl.

“Number one will be taking some steps to address the fentanyl crisis,” said Kobach. “There are several things we can do. I believe we need to amend our statutes and increase the penalties of people who are dealing in fentanyl that results in someone dying.”

In addition to the fentanyl crisis, Kobach says he wants to get serious about something called organized retail crime.

“Basically big box stores were these criminals, these organized criminal gangs if you will, organizations, they do what are called pushouts. They fill a huge cart full of the most expensive power tools they can find and the policy of the stores is to no longer try and stop them. And they hit one store, load up a van and go to the next store and we’re talking about millions of dollars of theft in a single day. It’s not just in Kansas, but it’s happening all across the country.”

Republicans say tonight has said that their message is being heard.

“I think there is a message being said, not just in Kansas, but if you look at the nation as a whole,” said Kuckelman, “the Republican message is being heard and people are adhering to it.”

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