Kansasland employee wrecks customer’s car during test drive

Couple had their car wreck from test drive by Kansasland employee
Couple had their car wreck from test drive by Kansasland employee
Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 10:29 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Friday morning, Andy Woodward received a call from his wife saying he needed to pick her up from Kansasland Tire and Service at 29th and Wanamaker. He said a worker got in a wreck while taking their vehicle on a test drive.

It wasn’t the accident that frustrated the couple, it was the lack of communication from Kansasland.

“They offered us their shop truck and we turned it down and said no it’s not necessary, we just want to get insurance and get it taken care of and we would like a rental vehicle,” said Woodward.

They said they left Kansasland expecting to hear an update, but no one called.

“We tried calling the manager, the district manager, and no one would return our calls or anything. We tried calling their insurance they put on the police report and it wasn’t accurate. They put the wrong company and wrong number down.”

“I called the body shop and asked about my car because I knew it was in there because I saw it in the lot. The body shop had no idea about it and they had no idea it was in their lot, the only thing on there was a towing ticket, they didn’t have my information or Kansasland’s information nothing,” he said.

The couple posted the situation on social media Monday and the store manager responded, repeating the offer to use their shop truck. They say a regional manager also called them with the same offer.

13 NEWS also reached out to the store manager of Kansasland’s 29th and Wanamaker store to see why they won’t grant the request for a rental.

She said they will, but there is no rental vehicles available until Wednesday. She also said their insurance should be reaching out to them in the meantime.