Community members march to fight for right on slaughterhouse project

Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 12:53 PM CDT
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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) - People in Junction City came out Tuesday night with a message to say to the city commission.

“The community, the commissioner everyone of them knows what the community wants and we don’t want a slaughterhouse,” said protester, Karen Augustine.

People met at Heritage Park and marched their way to the Municipal Court in Junction City, where the city commission was meeting. Protesters, Brad Roether and Scott Kellogg, said the business doesn’t fit the area.

“It’s a bad idea, it is. We got three schools in that area right there within a mile and a half. One of them is a brand new high school, it’s gorgeous, and the housing development is right there; it would be terrible to have a slaughterhouse in a community. I mean this is in city limits is basically where they are wanting to put this thing,” said Roether.

While some see business development as possible, this group believes other factors go into this decision.

“I simply feel that it doesn’t outweigh the negative aspects of increases in crime rate its again pollution of the water table, the infrastructure, the noise pollution junction city has worked very hard over the past 20 years to improve its reputation to become a community that people want to come to,” said Kellogg.

Community members hope the march helps send a message and that their voices be heard.

“I think they see I mean this is their last little straw whether we know everything been in closed doors so hopefully this might let everybody know what going on,” said Roether.

The commission says they do not have an official proposal or timeline for another discussion.