Republicans hear about challenges Kansas farmers are facing

Senator Jerry Moran, Congressmen Tracey Mann took on Kansas Farmers Bureau Tour
Published: Oct. 25, 2022 at 10:15 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Senator Jerry Moran, Congressmen Tracey Mann and Jake LaTurner and gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt took a closer look at farming operations and agri-business in Kansas on Tuesday night.

They wanted to hear about the challenges Kansas farmers are currently facing.

Kansas Republicans traveled to Topeka as the Kansas Farm Bureau wrapped up a tour focusing on two main things, the first of which was to get a better sense of farming operations.

”The weather across our state the challenges are even greater and the cost in production is hard to make a profit and every community is Kansas is benefited when farmers are doing well,” said Moran.

The second item on the tour’s agenda was to restore a sense of hope in Kansas.

”Lots of young people, high school government classes joined us the FFA leadership in another and you see kids who are excited about what’s going on hometown and what excited them in their agricultures and future,” he said.

The tour gave candidates a look at the progress Kansas is making.

“We were at K-State and we looked at their weather station and all the data they collect. We went to a working cattle operation later, those guys know a lot about what’s going on, to hear first-hand what AG producers talk about how input costs have skyrocketed and how much the weather is impacting the production this year,” said Kansas Farm Bureau President, Rich Felts.

Felts says this tour is one of the last stops before Election Day for candidates to show voters why they should vote for them.

“We know that these candidates need to make that final run on why they should vote for me. I wish these elections could be done in a more positive mode than what we are seeing and that’s what we are hoping to do as an organization, exposing the true candidates in a positive matter,” Felts said.