GTP hosts second annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 2:55 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It was a packed house today as keynote speakers encourage people to be more equitable in the work place. The event lasted from 9am to 3pm Tuesday at the Prairie Band Casino and Resort.

The Greater Topeka Partnership stands behind diversity, equity and inclusion and believes their support of DEI can spread through the community.

“I want them to use what they’ve learned here today in their organizations,” Glenda Washington, Chief Equity and Opportunity Officer with GTP, “or what nugget they found that can enhance their organization that can flow back into the community to make it a greater place to live.”

This year’s second annual DEI summit was focused on fostering an equitable workplace and how to better provide an inclusive corporate environment. Topeka Mayor Mike Padilla says he champions these ideals.

“I think it’s a validation of what I’ve been asking for and been working towards,” said Padilla. “Making sure that the community is recognized for it’s diversity, making sure it is equitable in how we treat them and making sure everyone is included in the way we plan and the way we grow our city.”

The Greater Topeka Partnership and Mayor Padilla both agree that it’s important to be a supporter of inclusion in the community.

“No entity, group or person, does this by themselves,” said Padilla. “They have to have allies, they have to have support. People need to understand what is trying to be accomplished and support that effort and that’s what I encourage everyone to be allies. Let yourself take this all in, look at it, be critical, but be helpful.”

GTP hopes to see more diversity, equity and inclusion across our community.

“The Greater Topeka Partnership always wants to be a part of what makes our community great and I think that understanding equity and opportunity and diversity,” said Washington, “it makes our community great. Celebrating the differences, embracing what we can, what makes our community grow and you’ll see this in, hopefully, everything we do moving forward.”

People in attendance today also had the opportunity to participate in several breakout sessions through the day.