WATCH: 300 couples celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 7:06 PM CDT
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CHICAGO (WLS) – What’s the secret to a lasting marriage? Just ask the 300 couples who celebrated 50 years of marriage over the weekend in Chicago.

A half-century is practically an entire lifetime. For the approximately 300 couples celebrating their golden anniversary at Holy Name Cathedral, the last 50 years have been filled with children and grandchildren, joy and laughter, sadness and pain.

While their hands may not be as smooth as they were in 1972, these couples are still joined together for better and for worse.

Barbara Didiw said she first came to the cathedral when she was 20 years old and met Walter.

“We’d known each other for only two weeks,” she said.

They renewed their vows to each other during a highly emotional service, along with couples from all over the Chicago area. These couples were joined by their families during this very special celebration.

Carl Meyer said the experience was very emotional.

“Hadn’t thought about coming here, but when you’re in there and you start thinking 50 years have gone by and all the experiences together,” Meyer said.

In an era when it seems not many are willing to put in the hard work that leads to a 50th wedding anniversary, these couples are willing to share some of their secrets, some serious and some not so serious.

Jim McLemore said to “never go to bed angry.” His wife, Pat, said they may not be lucky at cards, but they’re “always lucky in love.”

Cynthia Morales said you have to communicate to your partner, be it negative or positive.

“You can’t read each other’s minds, you have to communicate,” she said.

Adrienne Mitcheli said having a sense of humor is important. Her husband, Dino, said he’s learned one thing.

“She’s always right,” he said.