Former Seaman QB Dalton Cowan hangs up his cleats at Emporia State

Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW) - Former Seaman quarterback turned Emporia State QB/S-Back Dalton Cowan announced he’s decided to retire from football after suffering from his second concussion.

“Coming to that decision was, it was brutal. It was terrible,” said Cowan. “Because you know, I gotta see my brothers, guys I’ve been here 5 and a half years with, and I worked my butt off to get back to them.”

The most recent concussion happened in August on the first day of full pads in Emporia State’s training camp. Among his symptoms, Cowan was suffering from memory loss, and knew it wasn’t a good sign after having been down this road before.

”I probably knew then, that that was it. I knew one more, and especially it happening that fast, that it wasn’t a good sign,” Cowan said.

By no means is his time with the Hornets done. Dalton is sticking around to help out as a coach, as much as his ongoing concussion will allow. It’s been five weeks and he’s still feeling the effects.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather be than at a practice right now. Unfortunately with a concussion, the best thing you can do is do nothing, and it’s a completely helpless feeling,” said Cowan. “Last night watching the game, it was awesome. I’m happy for my guys, and then at the end of the game I just like, got the worst FOMO [fear of missing out] ever.”

Though he’s not ready to be back in the gameday atmosphere just yet, he’s been helping out with the S-backs and running backs. He’s also been helping create the team’s pregame hype videos. He says he wants to

“I’m just gonna try to spend as much time as I can helping guys. Whether that’s film study, trying to mentor, whatever. It’s just trying to do everything I can do help,” Cowan said.

When he announced his retirement, Dalton said the response he got from his team and the Topeka community was unbelievable. Even players from Washburn and Pittsburgh State reached out to him.

“You put in 5 and a half years and you kinda forget the impact you make on guys,” Cowan said. “Of the impact I made and of my time here, 5% of that is probably what I did on the field. And that’s what I’m missing, but that’s not what I’m missing the most. It’s the guys, and just to know that goes so far beyond football meant a lot for me. Just gotta keep trying to pay it forward.”