Video released from high speed chase and arrest in Lawrence

Suspect is being charged with a double homicide and more
Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 5:49 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - On the morning of July 31st, Lawrence Police engaged in hot pursuit of someone they believed to have committed a double homicide.

“You’re looking at a high energy car chase,” said Lockhart, Chief of the Lawrence Police Department, “someone who has fired shots at officers, he is a very dangerous suspect. He has already, we believe, killed two people and so there is a lot of emotion that goes into these things.”

The intense emotion and high adrenaline however did not overwhelm any of these officers once the chase had ended.

On July 31, Rodney Erickson Marshall, 51, of Lawrence, was arrested on two counts of 1st degree murder as well as six counts of attempted 1st degree murder.

“Probably 20 or 25 different cars there from all different agencies,” said Lockhart, “and you all have seen the same videos I have where you get 20 or 25 people dog-piling onto a suspect and it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t go well. So the way this was handled in my opinion as a law enforcement veteran of 32 years, was exceptional.”

The body camera video released Monday shows officers commanding the suspect to walk backwards towards them before laying down on the road arms extended... Lawrence Police then used drone footage to confirm the space was safe for everyone involved.

“Using that camera to get a different perspective on the situation allowed us to make better informed decisions,” said Sergeant Drew Kennelly with LKPD. “It keeps the officers safe, it keeps the public safe and keeps the suspect safe as well.”

Chief Lockhart says he is proud of his officer’s behavior.

“The leadership that they displayed, the restraint that they showed and then the ingenuity thinking about getting the drone up, thinking about all the tactical considerations that we train for and we know they happen, but when you see this as a police chief, I am very proud of the officers and proud to lead this organization.”

The suspect, Rodney Ericson Marshall is held in Douglas County custody and is being charged with 2 counts of first degree murder, 1 count of attempted first degree murder and 5 counts of capital attempted murder for firing at officers. Marshall’s next appearance is set for September 14th.