Officials continue to monitor blue-green algae in Milford Lake

Residents warned to avoid harmful blooms
FILE - Milford Lake
FILE - Milford Lake(WIBW)
Published: Aug. 13, 2022 at 1:48 PM CDT
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GEARY CO., Kan. (WIBW) - Officials are continuing to monitor the levels of blue-green algae in Milford Lake and have warned residents to avoid harmful blooms.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says it and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks issued several public health advisories on Thursday, Aug. 11, for Kansas lakes due to blue-green algae.

The KDHE noted that a harmful algal bloom could look like foam, scum or paint on the water and could be colored blue, bright green, brown or red. Blooms can develop quickly, so if water appears suspicious, residents should avoid contact and keep dogs away.

Active advisories are as follows:

  • Warning
    • Carbondale City Lake (Strowbridge) - Osage Co.
    • Ford Co. Lake - Ford Co.
    • Gathering Pond - Geary Co.
    • Hain SFL - Ford Co.
    • Jerry Ivey Pond - Saline Co.
    • Milford Lake Zone B - Geary Co.
    • Milford Lake Zone C - Geary and Clay Co.
  • Watch
    • Crystal Lake - Anderson Co.
    • Lake Scott State Park - Scott Co.
    • Louisburg Old Lake (City Lake) - Miami Co.
    • Marion Reservoir - Marion Co.
    • Melvern Outlet (River) Pond - Osage Co.
    • Milford Lake Zone A - Dickinson and Geary Co.
    • Overbrook City Lake - Osage Co.
    • South Lake Park - Johnson Co.
    • Summercrest Lake - Johnson Co.
  • Lifted
    • Norton Lake - Norton Co.

For more information about blue-green algae in Kansas, click HERE.

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