Both sides of ‘Value Them Both’ gear up for Elections

Both sides of the 'Value Them Both' Amendment give voters last minute information
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:11 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -With the countdown on until Election night, both sides of the ‘Value Them Both’ amendment are sharing their thoughts on how this can affect Kansans.

“Value Them Both is not a ban, it returns to the people of Kansans the opportunity for them to have a voice on the public policy aspect of the abortion industry, Kansans support reasonable limits such as parental involvement, no taxpayer funding of abortion and bans on late term abortions,” said Jeanne Gawdun, Kansans For Life.

“It’s a complete ban, the officials already admitted that they are going to make this a complete ban, and if it’s not going to be a complete ban then it is going to be so hard it might as well be,” Rachael Allen, opposes ‘Value Them Both’.

Kansans For Life says ‘Value Them Both’ needs to be passed in order to protect the limits on abortion.

“There is no abortion specific clinic sanitation standards and inspection by KDHE and the reason we had that law which was just struck down last year was because woman testified they didn’t know information about abortion fetus development or the risk of their own health,” said Gawdun.

Those who oppose the amendment say, there are enough regulations on abortions already.

“Abortions are safe, I mean there are a lot of regulations to it that people don’t believe, you have to be under 22 weeks pregnant to qualify, you have to an ultrasound to look at your baby first, there is a lot to it. It’s a two day process, women really take this seriously it’s not like “Im pregnant lets get an abortion!”,They really think about this, this is the most important decision of their lives,” said Allen.

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