Significance of abortion amendment on Tuesday’s primary ballot

The supreme court’s roe v. Wade ruling puts renewed focus on the Value Them Both amendment, up for vote in Kansas’ August 2nd primary.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:34 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The supreme court’s roe v. Wade ruling puts renewed focus on the Value Them Both amendment, up for vote  in Kansas’ August 2nd primary.

In 2019 the Kansas Supreme court ruled the Kansas Constitution grants the right to an abortion.

Political Science Professor at KU, Patrick Miller says “,And so the amendment on the ballot this week is a combination of several years of effort to overturn that ruling, so the abortion amendment which is being called the value them both amendment by its supporters would reverse that Kansas supreme court ruling and state that there is no right to abortion access in the Kansas state constitution”.

The amendment also would state the Kansas constitution does not require government funding of abortion, and that the legislature may make laws regarding abortion.

Miller says that makes the vote significant.

“So I think the fundamental point that Kansans need to realize is that the legality of abortion is effectively on the ballot tomorrow because if the amendment passes we should expect the legislature to ban all or most abortions and that’s when we start talking about are there exceptions for rape or incest of the life and health of the woman, will be decisions that legislature has to make.” He says. “If the amendment fails tomorrow then the legislature cannot pass a such a ban and won’t be in a place to start making those decisions.”

Miller says it’s also important Kansans know that anyone regardless of their party can vote in this primary.

“So I would just say if you’re registered as unaffiliated in Kansas I totally get that you’re not used to showing up to vote in august, there’s typically not something for you to vote on, but you can absolutely show up tomorrow on election day and you can vote on this amendment” says Miller.

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