YWCA organizes rally at Kansas Statehouse encouraging Kansans to ‘Vote No’ on the ballot

YWCA organized a rally at the Kansas Capitol to show their frustration toward 'Value Them Both'...
YWCA organized a rally at the Kansas Capitol to show their frustration toward 'Value Them Both' amendment(reina flores)
Published: Jul. 16, 2022 at 3:41 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -YWCA of Northeast Kansas, held a march and rally for abortion rights today at the state capitol steps.

YWCA organized this to encourage Kansans to vote no in the upcoming August 2nd primary for the ‘Value Them Both’ amendment.

Speakers from YWCA, Vote No Kansas, Topeka-Shawnee County League of Women Voters and Planned Parenthood all spoke about their stories and backgrounds.

At the rally you could find ‘Vote No’ signs, and signs that say “My body, My Choice”.

Speakers also took this time to help Kansas residents the impact of ‘Value Them Both’ could have if passed.

Some supporters even closed down their small businesses for the day.

Meghan Heriford who is the owner of Ladybird Diner, in Lawrence., closed her doors on Saturday, so staff and other supporters could travel to Topeka to show what is at stake.

“Our entire existence is dependant on the health of our communities so any policies that would undermine the health and wellness of the people in our communities is sort of an indirect hit for us, it may not be an immediate economic clash but it will be forthcoming,” said Heriford.

“Our violence, our abuse cases went up, and think about how she has been held up and held in and think about not only that but the child care, we couldn’t find appropriate child care. But, not only child care but we weren’t being paid a livable wage so let’s think about all of those things and when she is making decisions think those out. We have to let her choose for herself we believe she can take care of the kid but we don’t believe she can make the choice whether she wants to have or not have the kid, we really have to think about that,” said Regina Platt, YWCA.

We have reached out to the ‘Value Them Both’ coalition to ask for a response to Saturday’s rally.

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