AT&T gives tips to keep phones cool as summer heats up

Some phones will issue a warning if they're too hot. This is the heat warning on an iPhone.
Some phones will issue a warning if they're too hot. This is the heat warning on an iPhone.
Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 4:58 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - AT&T has given cellphone users tips and tricks to keep their devices cool as summer heats up.

AT&T says with summer heat bogging down most of the country, it wants to remind customers that an overheated phone can perform poorly, so they should keep a few tricks in mind.

According to AT&T, an overheated phone can experience battery drain, and performance issues and could also completely shut down. Considering how much is invested in wireless devices and how connected we seem to be to them, it said it gave the following tips to protect devices from the summer heat:

  • Don’t leave wireless devices in the car. Extreme heat can damage a device so customers should keep their smartphones or tablets with them, either in a purse, briefcase or backpack. And while driving, wireless devices should not be placed on the dashboard in direct sunlight.
  • Keep wireless devices in a shaded, cool area. Devices should be kept in a bag, backpack or under a light-colored towel or blanket when enjoying the outdoors.
  • Do not subject wireless devices to extreme temperature changes. Bringing electronics from 90+ degree weather to a well-air-conditioned room is a good way to moisten the inside of a device. Phones should be allowed to transition gradually to cooler temperatures by being placed in a purse or pocket before entering a room.
  • Power it off. Turning a phone off is one of the quickest ways to get its temperature back to normal.
  • Keep multiple devices stored separately. If carrying both a smartphone and a tablet or laptop, customers should keep them separated. Since electronics conduct heat individually - stacking them or keeping them pressed against each other intensifies heat and obstructs air flow which can keep them comfortably cool.
  • Consider downloading an app that monitors a smartphone’s CPU and battery temperature. There are several apps that monitor this data and alert the user when high temperature is a risk. Customers can cool phones down by quickly removing the case, switching it to airplane mode, separating it from other devices and fanning it.
  • Insurance. Residents may want to look into insurance options for devices.

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