Kansas man accused of providing fake autopsies pleads guilty to one count of federal wire fraud

FILE — Shawn Parcells admitted in court he was guilty of wire fraud, acknowledging a scheme to...
FILE — Shawn Parcells admitted in court he was guilty of wire fraud, acknowledging a scheme to transfer money between states.(KCTV5 News)
Published: May. 26, 2022 at 10:58 AM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Shawn Parcells changed his plea in federal court Thursday, pleading guilty to one count of federal wire fraud.

Other charges remain pending.

Lacy Langford listened to the court hearing on a line secured for victims. She paid Parcells to do an autopsy for her mother. That never happened.

Langford went public with allegations that Shawn Parcells was operating under the moniker “Professor Lynn.” She claims Parcells, who lived in Leawood and Topeka, led families to believe he was a doctor.

He is not.

Thursday, Parcells admitted in court he was guilty of wire fraud, acknowledging a scheme to transfer money between states.

“It feels good to hear him say that,” Langford said as she wiped away tears. She admits she’s still disappointed the charges don’t directly reflect the phony autopsies Parcells gave families.

It’s unclear how much time Parcells will serve. The judge explained the recommended guidelines are 20 years, but the judge could sentence him to a shorter or longer sentence, explaining other convictions and charges will factor in. His sentencing will be on August 25, and victims will be able to address the court.

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Parcells faces numerous county, state and federal charges for his autopsy work. Prosecutors say he lacks the credentials to perform them and even pretended to be a doctor in some cases. He’s been the focus of more than a dozen KCTV5 investigative reports.

Shawn Parcells has yet to be sentenced for criminal charges of felony theft and criminal desecration in Wabaunsee County, Kansas.

Parcells allowed KCTV5 inside the lab three years ago. Families were stunned at what was documented.

“I thought, Dr. Jekyll- Hyde type of guy, you know?” said Rodger Botts. “It was like Frankenstein’s laboratory. Stuff in jars. People in the back room laying on tables. You know, this ought to be the first clue right here that you’re not legitimate, you know.”

Parcells faces Consumer Protection Act violations in Kansas involving 82 consumers. After his lab was shut down, all the samples Parcells had collected were returned to families.

Botts believes Parcells doesn’t understand the trauma he’s caused families.

“Every time he walks in the courtroom, he wants to wave (at us),” said Botts. “Who both look at each other, like ‘Are you serious?’”

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Langford echoes that sentiment. She feels Parcells behavior defies description.

“I think he’s a narcissistic pig, I don’t think he’s sorry. I don’t think he ever will be,” said Langford, “Any less than 20 years, he’ll be back at it again. He’ll play the justice system.”

Information KCTV5 uncovered was shocking and heartbreaking. Family after family told us they would never get answers.

At one point, Shawn Parcells even sat down with us to try to explain his actions.

“I tell people all the time I almost became a neurosurgeon,” Parcells told us in 2019. “That doesn’t mean I’m a doctor. That doesn’t mean that I was in medical school. I really did almost do that.”