Gov. Kelly signs tax exemption and reduction bill

“We’re cutting more than $1 billion, again, $1 billion in taxes”
Gov. Kelly signs tax exemption and reduction bill
Published: May. 4, 2022 at 12:28 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The bill cuts property taxes while providing additional tax relief for Kansas veterans and the elderly through property tax refunds.

House Bill 2239 gives tax credits to teachers who purchase school supplies out of their own pockets.

“In the next three years, we’re cutting more than $1 billion, again, $1 billion in taxes for Kansans. These are common-sense tax cuts that’ll put money back in people’s pockets,” said Governor Laura Kelly.

Kelly signed the property tax bill Wednesday that received more than 100 votes in favor of it in the House. It passed unanimously in the Senate.

“We got those tax cuts done because we brought democrats and republicans together. Here in Kansas, we’re putting politics aside bringing both parties together and getting things done,” said Kelly.

Rep. Fred Patton (R) said, “We talked tax policy all session long so it was good to see that we’re able to put something together that benefits nearly everybody in the state.”

Residential property taxes will be exempt for up to the first 40-thousand dollars of assessed value. It’ll provide Kansans 65-and-older, spouses, or disabled veterans a refund based on the change in rates.

“Provisions will go into effect nearly immediately or when they’re published in the register so quickly. I think some of these provisions probably won’t kick in until next tax year but will start seeing the benefits of them fairly soon,” said Patton.

Kelly said Kansans feeling the impact of pandemic-induced inflation can feel better now to provide property tax relief and eliminate the state sales tax on food. She said they’re able to do this because of the largest budget surplus in decades.

The bill also eliminates the sales tax on supplies needed to repair farm fencing destroyed by storms and other disasters. Something very beneficial for those impacted by the wildfires months ago and the recent tornados.

Kelly also has said she’ll sign a separate bill that gradually “Axes” the state’s sales tax on groceries with the first reduction in January, moving to zero in 2025.

She said she’d like an immediate elimination, but this was a good first step.

“Legislation is all about collaboration, consensus, building, and compromise. Yes, of course, I want total elimination right away of the food sales tax but the legislative process requires that both sides come to the table,” said Kelly.

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