TUKHS warns of blood clots for unvaccinated while CDC finds rare cases in vaccinated

TUKHS warns of blood clots for unvaccinated while CDC finds rare cases in vaccinated
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 9:20 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - While hospitalizations seem stable, the CDC has confirmed 60 reports of blood clots in people who got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“It looks like in Missouri and Kansas there is a little bit of uptick in cases but we have to understand that if we are seeing hospitalizations we probably won’t see those for another 1-2-3 weeks so we’ll keep our fingers crossed on that. Hopefully, there won’t be that increase in hospitalization,” said University of Kansas Health System’s Dr. Dana Hawkinson

The CDC is reporting rare cases of blood clots in vaccinated people. They’ve confirmed 60 reports of them with people who got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Three are confirmed reports from Moderna shots, and one from Pfizer.

Hawkinson warns blood clots are possible from any severity of Covid if you don’t get the vaccine at all.

“Early in the pandemic, we heard of really healthy people who had a bout of Covid, and then maybe 1-2 weeks later they would wake up and they couldn’t breathe or they would not really be able to feel their legs that were because of those blood clots.”

The CDC has also extended mask mandates on planes and trains for two more weeks. Something Hawkinson said is the correct decision.

“We know the airlines have talked about their airflow in the planes themselves but we also know when you’re in those airports you are just around so many people some other places may have better ventilation than others. Overall, I think that is a good thing to do is to continue those mask mandates.”

Hawkinson reminds people the virus is still circulating. He encourages residents to continue using mitigation efforts and wear their masks in public if they feel unsafe.

“I have two friends who have it right now, they are younger, they are boosted but they are having significant symptoms with pain, fevers, shortness of breath. So it’s important to continue understanding the risks when you go out into any particular area.”

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