A local auto shop gives tips on what to keep an eye on during winter weather seasons

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Published: Feb. 18, 2022 at 9:36 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 18, 2022 at 10:10 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The bitter cold temperatures are driving people to auto shops!

The cold temperatures can take your breath away and it can also take the air out of your tires.

One local auto shop says snow and ice reinforces just how much is riding on your tires.

“It is always a good idea just to pay attention to what your car is doing,” said Doug Chilson, Big O Tires General Manager. “Wet conditions can cause hydroplaning meaning your car feels very unstable on the road. then you get into the snowy and icy conditions where you’re just not getting good traction, taking off from a stop, spinning your tires, that’s going to vary no matter what would you how good your tires are.”

Doug Chilson with Big O Tires says pay attention to what your tires are telling you, “vibrations are a good sign that you have a tire issue.”

“If you’re going down the road and your feeling the vibration in your steering wheel, have your tires check because that can be very serious,” Chilson added.

He suggests checking your tires at least three times a year because there can be times when you might have a tire that looks brand new, but on the inside edge, it may be completely worn out.

“I usually say summer fall and winter. The best time to check your tires is before the weather gets bad, so you can be prepared for that if you do have to save money to invest in new tires,” he explained.

One thing to watch is your tread on the tires, and also keep an eye on your tire pressure, it’s critical.

“Not only low tire pressure, but higher tire pressure, we see a lot of times this time of year. When you overinflate the tire the full face of the tire does not make contact with the ground. so just because you added air to it, doesn’t mean it’s right,” Chilson said.

“You’ll notice low air pressure in tires more often in the cold weather, usually you’ll air them up one time in early winter and you’re good till summertime,” he added.

Chilson says washing your car more often can help too, “it is a good idea to try to get that salt off the car as soon as you can.”

“Even if it’s just you wash and two days later it’s dirty, it’s still better to get it off there. You also get snow and ice-packed underneath the car which adds weight to the car which can make the car not drive right,” Chilson said. “It can cause tires to be out of balance because the snow and ice get stuck in the wheels and typically a car wash will be warm enough to take care of that.”

Big O Tires says there’s no cost to check your tire pressure and air your tires. No appointment is needed.

Big O Tires is located at 2735 SW Wanamaker Rd.

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