New business in Meriden connects ice cream, home goods and history

Boone and Bounty located at 401 South Palmberg in Meriden, Kansas
Boone and Bounty located at 401 South Palmberg in Meriden, Kansas(WIBW)
Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 6:29 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A unique business in Meriden is preparing to open its doors with a grand opening next Friday, February 4th.

Drivers around Meriden have already been taking a second glance at the 100-year old building that has been given new life by the soon to be open Boone and Bounty. Kysa Farrant is co-owner with her sister in-law Chrissy Farrant and says many in town are excited to see what happens next to the building.

“We have a lot of older community members who are driving by or always want to know what’s going on,” says Kysa Farrant, “and I think it’s because they have seen the progress of it and have seen it transform into all these different things.”

The sister in-laws both say that it was time for them to push through with their idea.

“Our husbands are very visionary and they both were like hey, we should purchase this but we don’t know what to do with it yet. So it changed a few times on the ideas and then Chrissy and myself kind of pushed for this piece of it.”

So the plan moved forward. Boone and Bounty plans to offer ice cream, light lunch items, home goods all the while keeping history in mind with plans to decorate the walls with early photos of Meriden businesses. The Farrants knew all along they also wanted community at the center of their new business.

“When we thought of Boone and Bounty we were thinking in our heads that we want somewhere as a destination for the surrounding communities to come to,” says Chrissy Farrant, “but also a place that Meriden itself is very excited about so that’s how the name Boone and Bounty came about. Boone was one of the original settlers of Meriden so when you think of Boone, that’s their last name and Bounty means plentiful.”

The name Boone comes from Daniel Morgan Boone, the son of Daniel Boone, and the plentiful past of Meriden is one the Farrants plan to grow.

“We are really excited to open up our doors and welcome people back in,” says Chrissy. “We know that a lot of small businesses have been hit during this pandemic and we want everyone to know that you can still keep going. This small town is going to be still keep going during this pandemic and we are still happy to have everybody come out here to us.”

Chrissy and Kysa’s husbands founded Boone and Bounty’s parent company Mammoth Sports Construction which is in Meriden. Mammoth specializes in sports facility improvements but has diversified to operate several businesses in Meriden including Pharm House Coffee.

The grand opening is scheduled for Friday, February 4th and will last from 5pm-7pm with special remarks to be made at 6pm. The address is 401 South Palmberg in Meriden, Kansas

Saint Aloysius Catholic Church - Meriden, Kansas
Saint Aloysius Catholic Church - Meriden, Kansas(WIBW)
Boone and Bounty before construction
Boone and Bounty before construction(WIBW)

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