Road crews are prepped for weekend winter weather

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 10:21 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Road crews are prepped for the weekend winter weather conditions.

Drivers should be cautious, because as the temperature drops, it will turn to ice, then snow overnight.

The Kansas Department of Transportation says in these weather conditions, no vehicle is safe.

With snow expected, the Kansas Department of Transportation crews spent the day getting vehicles ready to hit the highways.

“We spent all day prepping our vehicles, getting everything loaded we’re ready to go. We’re unable to effectively pre-treat because it’s coming in as rain first which washes off or dilutes any solutions we will put out there so consequently it’s kind of a waste of effort,” said David Studebaker with the Kansas Department of Transportation.

“They’ll be out on their assigned routes and they’ll be ready to start dropping treatment as soon as it shows any sign of frozen precipitation,” said Studebaker.

In these weather conditions, KDOT says drivers should be aware of the risk of hydroplaning.

“You can lose control of any vehicle, small, large it doesn’t matter, so the big thing is slowing your speed down,” said Studebaker. “This one is going to be a little interesting because its coming in warm first, with the wet, so we’re going to have a lot of slush.”

KDOT also reminds you to give the plows room to operate and give extra space to other vehicles, too, “stopping is not always as good of an option as normal weather,” Studebaker said.

If you must get out, KDOT recommends sticking to the main streets.

“Actually going on back roads is probably possibly more dangerous. They don’t get as much attention, you don’t have the traffic level. The traffic actually helps keep it broken up to a certain degree,” said Studebaker.

Drivers are encouraged to go slow as rain changes to snow.

“It really comes down to taking your time, putting the phones away, don’t be distracted, get where you need to go, and get there safely,” said Studebaker.

The Topeka Police Department implemented the walk-in accident reporting phase for the city of Topeka around 7pm Friday night.

TPD wants to remind the public that the law requires drivers to have their headlines on when their wipers are in use.

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