Emporia twins write and illustrate the first in a new book series

Teens will watch for their “Sky Warriors” stories
Hunter and Harley Smith are putting the final touches on their 2nd book.
Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 8:01 PM CST
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EMPORIA (WIBW) -- Hunter and Harley Smith are not your typical 14-year old 8th graders. He’s an aspiring writer, she’s a talented artist, and together they are writing and illustrating a new book series. Oh, and did we mention they are twins?

Hunter started writing his first book in fifth grade. He first started to write in January of 2019, when his love for writing first sparked. After two long years, and as a seventh grader, he published his first book, titled Sky Warriors: The Missing Dragon Wand. Near the ending chapters is when he decided that illustrations would be a good idea, as they could depict a scene for the reader. Twin sister Harley immediately offered to do art for the book. And so, working together, the book, which Hunter originally thought was going to be a short story just to write for fun, ended up being a collaborative family project. All the art was drawn free hand.

Now that he’s published his first book, Hunter hopes to accomplish 10 books in the series he named “Sky Warriors.”

Sky Warriors: The Missing Dragon Wand is a fantasy book about a small clan of dragons who’s most prized artifact, The Dragon Wand, has been stolen by a powerful sorcerer. The dragons come together to bring back want is rightfully theirs, and gain family along the way. Hunter and Harley are still working together, and are almost finished with a sequel and second book in the series, “Sky Warriors: Dawn of the Moon.” Hunter and Harley paired up at the signing table for a book signing at the Emporia Middle School, their school, and later did another book signing at a library in Williamsburg, Kansas. His book has currently sold around 425 copies including one international sale. The book is available on Amazon as well. We’re rooting for you, Harley and Hunter Smith! Write your own Good Kids story and send it to us at ralph.hipp@wibw.com to see your favorite Good Kid featured.

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