Former congress member Lynn Jenkins speaks out about Bob Dole’s passing

Former Congress member, Lynn Jenkins speaks out about the passing of Bob Dole
Published: Dec. 5, 2021 at 6:21 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Former congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, who was mentored by Dole, says he inspired many.

“He fought for our nation and it nearly cost him his life, and then he came and fought back and lead the country, ran for president, ran for vice-president and he did so much for this nation as you read about his accomplishments, he was really focused on getting things done something that is lost in politics these days,” Jenkins said.

Dole dedicated his life to helping as many organizations as we could, to help shape America.

“His passions were hunger issues, veterans, the military, and the disabled, he did so much.

Jenkins says Dole is responsible for her successful career, and she says many other Kansans feel the same.

“So many young politicians, especially in Kansas, owe their careers to Bob Dole because when I was running for statewide office the first time for State Treasurer we did a bus tour across the state where we all got on and we needed some star power so we called the senator and God bless him he came in rode that stupid bus with us for days all over Kansas in hotels for a week and the mentorship that you received from his was invaluable,” she said.

Jenkins says Dole was not only a great mentor but an amazing person who prioritized his country and his home state, Kansas.

“I never met anyone who loved this state and the people of Kansas more than he did.”

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