New treatment for knee pain brings relief to Topeka patients

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Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 12:05 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A new treatment is changing the way adults, especially former athletes, deal with knee pain.

Dr. Peter Loo, Sports Medicine, The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus said knee pain is common and oftentimes doctors treat it with medication or surgery, but now he is offering new relief.

“Iovera is a newer technology,” Dr. Loo said. “It’s a non-opioid treatment for chronic knee pain and it’s non-surgical.”

Dr. Loo received his Iovera training in Tampa Bay, Florida, and is one of the first to use the technique in Topeka.

He said, “What we’re doing is trying to find the nerves that supply the sensation to the knee and target those nerves.”

Dr. Loo explained how the treatment works. “Once we find the nerves and mark them, then we use the Iovera probe to do some cryo lipolysis, basically freezing the nerve,” he continued saying, “Then we try to do a temporary damage to the nerve so, that it stops that pain signal from coming back up to the brain.”

Dr. Loo said the pain relief is immediate and can last for about three months.

“It’s not a permanent treatment, it’s more temporary, so it’s more for those patients that may be failed some other of the more tried methods and are still having a lot of knee pain,” he said.

While the treatment is not recommended for current athletes, former players can really benefit.

“We know that the more active you are, especially if you played a lot of athletics when you were younger or at a high level, you put your joints through more stress and trauma,” Dr. Loo added. “They tend to wear out a little bit quicker, so it’s a great option for former athletes that aren’t quite ready to do a knee replacement.”

It’s an option for both doctors and patients that isn’t a pain in the knee.

Dr. Loo said anyone that is interested in Iovera treatment should talk with their doctor.

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