Arenacross brings out hundreds of racers, hundreds of fans to Stormont Vail Events Center

Hoosier Arenacross comes to the Capital City
Published: Nov. 6, 2021 at 10:44 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - More than 400 motocross racers from 20 states gathered this weekend at the Stormont Vail Events center for the Hoosier Arenacross Racing Event.

They have 30 classes for racers with two of them for the professionals that featured one local pro looking to be number one in front of his hometown crowd -- Topeka’s own Kevin Moranz. He was an amateur racer while attending Seaman High School, waiting until he got his diploma to go pro and travel the country.

“My buddies are back in town because obviously everybody kind of goes their ways after high school and college but it’s pretty cool to feel the support. All the families, all the fans, you know, everything like that,” he said.

Friday night he finished second in both classes, hoping for a better Saturday showing despite a shoulder injury. The hometown crowd just might have helped.

“I have a lot of really, really great people to support me there’s a lot of local companies like Harold’s Tire, Hoyt’s Truck Center, Shawnee Wholesale, TMI, Heritage Motors,” he said. “There’s a lot of really great people that have my back locally and there’s a lot of people nationally as well.”

Moranz said they have super-cross events at football or baseball stadiums. Being at Stormont Vail Events Center, the track was shrunk to fit. Creating quicker decisions, faster turns, and varying air-times for the riders.

“You got to get out front early but everything is so tight you kind of have to rub to get around people so it’s kind of bar-banging action kind. Kind of got to hit each other to get around each other so it’s really exciting to watch, but as a racer, you have to be very very smart and play that little cat-and-mouse game,” said Moranz.

Promoter Jay Reynolds said the night also features things like pyrotechnics and prayer to show their respects to the crowd and their own culture in the business.

“We believe in God and country and we’re bringing those culture things here to Topeka and through this event,” he said.

Having motocross available for all ages, starting with the 50cc bikes, he said creates positive mindsets. Keeping riders and families on the right track.

“It’s an identity that a lot of these kids get and these adults. They’re able to identify with that. That helps to keep them out of trouble whenever they have something. It’s a very physically demanding sport. You can’t smoke, you can’t do drugs, you can’t eat wrong, and be a fast racer,” said Reynolds.

Moranz has a website if you are interested in learning more about his lifestyle in the sport -- visit

If you missed the epic performances, Hoosier will be in Kansas City from January 14-15.

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