Salute Our Heroes: Shawnee Co. dispatcher helps others on and off the job

Salute Our Heroes: Shawnee Co. dispatcher helps others on and off the job
Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 9:09 PM CDT|Updated: Nov. 1, 2021 at 10:00 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Cassandra Porath’s love of helping others inspired her to continue that in her career.

”I remember about every call I’ve taken because everybody is important to me.”

Cassandra Porath is a communications specialist and a mentor, but she identifies herself as a people person the most.

“That’s why I want to do this job, because I wanted to help people and I thought I couldn’t do it because every caller would probably make me cry what,” said Porath. “I realized every caller that calls in, I can sympathize with them, I can understand them and then I can hang it up and do it again for the next person.”

She not only serves as a Shawnee County Dispatcher but as a trainer to new employees, which adds even more responsibility to an already demanding job.

“They sit with me for so many weeks on my shift and I get to show them the ropes and show them what to do by answering the phones, paging fire calls, medical calls, starting off with that and then we go to the law enforcement radio. We do it all at the same time we’re talking on the phone, we’re talking on the radio, we’re listening to people in the room and we multi task very well.”

She says its the family-like bond with her co- workers that keeps her motivated.

“Sometimes we get so many phone calls that we can’t even get off the phone but I feel like as a team, my co workers and I, we really are a family, we work together all the time and we have become one group.”

Shawnee County Dispatch recently awarded Porath for going above and beyond by helping a co-worker outside of work.

“Sometimes people just say ‘hey do you need help’ and then they leave but I was persistent with ‘hey do you need me to pick up your children’ and you know she said ‘yes’ so I picked up her kids and we just hung out it was really cool, we ended up hanging out the next weekend both of our families us and our kids.”

Porath says she’s glad that she can extend her helping hand even outside of the office.

“It was really just to help my co-worker, outside of work because like I said we are a family and I know she already would have done the same for me and I know anyone here would have done the same for me if I needed help with my kids.”

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