Sen. Roger Marshall: Kansas should be worried if contractors are mandated to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 6:14 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Sen. Roger Marshall met with union members about shared concerns over President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“The purpose of this meeting is just to discuss how the vaccine mandate would impact the people and I am trying to put real names with real faces with real jobs to communicate to the white house that this is going to be a huge impact,” said Marshall.

Union workers mentioned, if the mandate doesn’t disappear, they would leave and Marshall says Kansas should be worried if that were to happen.

“That’s the practical bad side effect of this mandate is we are going to lose even more workers and whether it’s keeping the power running or generators running through wold creek or your line falls down because of a storm or a lack of police officers responded to 9-11 calls, I really think there are 20 to 40%of blue-collar workers that have not been vaccinated, we can’t afford to lose four percent of them, if we lose 20 percent of our workforce, we will be in bad straits,” he said.

Some members say they have worked through labor shortages, and a pandemic, and to now have a mandate could push them to other states.

“There are multiple unions there are multiple states that “We ain’t doing it, we ain’t doing it” and so all of us of a drop of the hat will go, and then what are going to do here when there is no one to put your power back on,” said one union worker.

The deadline for workers to get their first dose under the federal mandate is October 27th depending on what vaccine they want.

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