Kansas gas prices highest since 2014 at $3 a gallon

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 3:24 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - According to data from the American Automobile Association, the average gallon of gas in the state is $3, the highest it’s been since 2014. We spoke with AAA in Topeka about what drivers can do to help it go back down.

On average, their data shows Kansas has seen a rise of 4 cents in the past week and over $1 in the past year.

AAA’s Scott Martin said the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was supposed to release crude oil into the market -- which would have helped lower the gas prices.

The report shows Geary Co. is seeing the highest prices in NE Kansas at the pump at $3.02 a gallon. Shawnee and Wabaunsee counties are seeing the lowest at $2.94.

“Overall, I think guess sometimes during the winter does go up a little bit more because like to travel or whatever but or even over the holidays will see an increase in gas prices.”

While being above the $3 mark may be the highest price in seven years, it’s still the sixth cheapest in the country.

“We’re doing real good with our travel so people are still getting out doing travel. I think people are a bit cooped up for so long with the COVID and everything that they’re ready to get out and start moving.”

He said to make sure your car’s air filter is clean, tires are properly inflated, and drive the speed limit to help save money at the pump. And find the local deals around town -- not just at your nearest gas station.

“There are several apps out there the AAA app is one to help you find the best gas prices around where you’re at and you can also use a lot of gas station retailers that will have special offers where you join their deal and you can save money on gas. There’s also like Sam’s, Dillon’s, other retailers that have their own gas station that you can save on buying gas as well,” he said. “I was looking this morning I think I even saw some gas prices in Shawnee County, they were like $2.85, something like that.”

The highest price in the state was $4.02 a gallon for regular unleaded in July 2008. To read the full report or see how much other states are paying for gas, click HERE.

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